Friday, May 9, 2014

Apparently I was supposed to buy food, not cookbooks.......

Too fun not to share!

I have always gotten a kick out of e-cards, to be able to create your own card is fun. I made this one to post to the Cookbook List, it is at the bottom of the list, just in case you take a look. Currently I have 14 cookbooks to add to the list, but in the new computer conversion somehow I lost the cookbook spreadsheet, an important part of keeping track of what we have.

While the cookbook list is stored on google, the spreadsheet was stored on our home computer.

Fortunately our son-in-law has a handy dandy tool to attach to the old drive and retrieve it (again...). Until then, the cookbooks are stacked on the corner of the desk. Fortunately there is room for more, should I find one or two before the retrieval is complete......(yeah, that just might happen!).

As always, thanks for taking a minute to stop and say hello. We appreciate your time and your wonderful comments!


Catherine said...

I still like the old fashioned cookbooks. It is just nice to have the pages in front of me and look at all the delicious pictures.
Have a beautiful weekend. Blessings, Catherine

Laurie M said...

I also love to read cookbooks even though I cook much less now, I still love reading them, you have a huge collection, its has more than our library ( Public Library),!

Pam said...

I've tried to keep my cookbooks listed on Goodreads, but I slack off and then it seems pointless!