Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Garden Tuesday, the one where we see a "cookbook" for the garden

This week the garden is mostly just a new crop of rain. We are in the midst of our "not quite done with all that cold, but still having rain" season. If memory serves, I showed my crop of rain last week, and while we do enjoy leftovers for dinner, I don't see that working very well for Garden Tuesday.....

But look there is more, look what I found at the library on Sunday, yep that's right a cookbook for the garden.

This is NOT a book of what to do with your harvest from the garden, this is recipes for growing a garden. Recipes like,

You can skip this if you have no pests in your garden.


You can skip this if you have rich soil in your garden. 

The book is loaded, but you can skip it if you have been gardening a long time and are successful with it all, but me......................

I am going to read this book cover to cover!

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Holly said...

I NEED THAT BOOK! I need to keep an eye out for it. Looks like we will be getting some rain this weekend too.

Pam said...

It sounds like the perfect book. I have lots of "recipes" like that, but it would be nice to have them all in one book!