Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Garden Tuesday, the one where there is darkness

We are itching to get out into the yard. But we are also dry weather gardeners, oh and a little sun would also be nice. Right now in the yard and garden are leaf buds on various bushes and weeds. Little weeds, invasive weeds, annoying weeds, weeds that need to be pulled.....

At this time, we are working on amendments to the soil With this being the first year to have a garden in this house, we thought it prudent to start off right and amend the soil. I don't think there has ever been a garden in this yard. One reason to add amendments is ease of weeding, which cannot be escaped. Soft fluffy if you will soil, is so much easier to work with as well as pull weeds, out of.

With that said, continuing along with our "freescaping", we have added a thin sprinkle of sand to the garden plot. I need to bring home another couple of 5 gallon pails full and that will be enough to finish it out. After the sand we have a couple of mini bales of straw to spread over the sand, along with leaves that have composted all winter. I would like to run these through the mover before sprinkling them on top.Then once everything is up and growing, I will gather some pine needles to mulch the blueberries.

As soon as the cold, wet rain stops...

The compost is cooking right along, having lost half the bulk. This also may need to be spread out on the lawn and picked up using the mover. Everything along with some rotted manure will be turned over before the actual planting. I only sound like I know what I am doing, I have to finally admit that I was not born with my father's green thumb. As much as I would like to be successful with gardening, I have not been.

My husband thankfully is. He grew up in southern Oregon on a 10 acre mini homestead where they grew most of their food. Big garden each year, a small orchard to gather fruit that was canned and jammed. Berry thickets to play in and pick from. A running creek to dam up in the warm weather to water the garden from.  He has said he had the very best childhood. And I believe him. While we are missing all some of that here in our own little backyard, we do want to grow what we eat, or at least some of it.

But right now, today the only thing growing in your garden is.........

mole holes.

As always, thank for taking a minute to stop and say hello. We appreciate your time and your wonderful comments!

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Pam said...

I got a couple of kitty cats that could help you with those mole holes!

Kitchen Belleicious said...

I can;t wait to get back in my garden. I have so many new herbs and plants i want to do this year! Hate that about the mole holes:(

Sage Trifle said...

I have been noticing the days getting longer, but it is still far from gardening weather. Brrr, can't really even think about it yet. ;-)