Monday, January 28, 2013

January's Sunday Dinner, just an update.

Lest you think that our Sunday dinners have been put on a back burner, all you have to do is take a look at the wonderful cheesecake we enjoyed! Having been busy with other projects like pull out drawers in all the kitchen cupboards and getting a new load of firewood stacked and of course life in general, I ran a little shy on the photos this time.

But we had a lovely meal. We started with crisp vegetables, olives, and a pear and cheese assortment.

We also had a lovely Lasagne, an old family favorite!

We also had a pork, sweet potato and green bean pot pie, with cheesy biscuits.

And the second rendition of a dish I am working on, Picadillo Chicken. I think only one more time and it will be perfect and ready to share here as another Cafe Created dish!

Not a pretty picture, but the flavor is delicious! The black beans are optional, but they really add something special.

As always, thanks for taking a moment to stop and say hello. We appreciate your time and your wonderful comments!


Holly said...

As always, everything looks yummy! Pull out drawers! You will just love them, I love mine. Have a great day.

Sage Trifle said...

Everything sounds delicious. I can't wait to hear more about that picadillo.