Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Garden Tuesday, the one where we are growing water....

I know you are asking yourself, "how can that possibly be?", but it is all I can come up with today. We have had nothing but rain. The little weather machine in the window has been a liar, and I agree a very harsh word, but when the little sun is displayed on the future forecast window, it never really happens. So I came to the conclusion that we must be growing water.....

This is our current crop. Pacific NW rain.

Sand, more "freescape" materials.

Our future crop, if you look close you will see iris coming up in the weeds. 

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Holly said...

Water is the only thing we've been growing here too. It' finally stopped and I'm sooo looking forward to warmer weather and some green around here.

Athena at Minervas Garden said...

We live in the same neck of the woods, and I hear you--rain as far as the eye can see! Rumor has it that the sun might make an appearance after the weekend, and warmer temps too, so we'll see.