Friday, December 28, 2012

Sharing the view......the busy work of after Christmas

A Friday view.....
The week between Christmas and the New Year is a messy one around here. Our garage is full of various boxes of Christmas ornaments, trinkets and linens. About 15 boxes worth........this year the decision was made (mine actually, when I realized all of these must come down from the attic storage over the garage) to narrow down our choices for decorating.

I had already done some sorting when the kids came over for Christmas and I encouraged them to take what they wanted. Now it is time for some cardboard boxes and a trip to the donation station.

This year I had a guessing game with candy canes at work. Last year it was a half gallon jar filled with marshmallows, mini, regular and the super size ones for some mores. I like to have the same item in different sizes to make the game a challenge. Not all of my tenants play along, but those that do, have a good time and look forward to the cash prize I offer. Oh by the way, the answer is 109.

Terry added to my Santa collection this year. With one of the new Santas being a hinged box design. I have a serious fondness for hinged box designed trinkets. And as luck will have it............

I found this little sequined Santa in one of the boxes that got sorted. Apparently he was in the box before I began displaying Santas each year.

Not remembering the contents of 15 (or so) boxes is understandable. Having an item that you are now collecting and not remembering that you have it, is proof that a serious sort is in order. Oh my!

And last but not least, I had to show off this adorable snow globe cake my daughter made and brought to Christmas dinner.

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Holly said...

I had to cut back on some of my Christmas decorations this year too. My daughter took some and many things went to Goodwill. Love the candy cane game!

Laurie said...

sad to see Christmas go,, I also love the candy cane game!