Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Playing in the kitchen...

Here it is December already and sadly some of the baking pans were still in the garage, yep from the move back in May. Anyone and everyone who has moved knows how this goes.....when everything is not put away and you must keep cooking and living, you adapt.

This means that the same 4 pans that were put away are used again and again, even if the size if not perfect, you simply, yep you knew this was coming, adapt. You adapt the baking time and or the temperature. All the time thinking, I need to get those pans unpack and in the cupboards. 

So the pans were brought in and washed.....however this photo only shows about one third of them.

We also are "building" a chalkboard on the pantry door. We of course means Terry, because he is actually handy with tools and creating a straight edge....... Now that the paint has cured, a frame will be added to finish the job. I personally have a fondness for chalkboards, with the pantry door, we have 3. It is fun to write a welcome greeting or post a menu when company has come to visit.

(really bad photo, apparently I am not handy with tools or a camera!)

Here is the pantry with a better organization. However I know this family, and "reorganizing" will need to happen pretty much every time we return from the market. It is so easy to put the newly purchased items in front, when one is in a hurry. 

The larger baking pans and trays are stood on edge in the blue bin, lower left. All other pans are stacked on a wire shelf and covered with a towel to keep them dust free.

This wall in the dining room was updated, and the next chore will be to re-paint the "Moms Sunday Cafe" sign to co-ordinate with the other items in the kitchen/dining area. I am quite fond of the black/gold/burgundy color scheme.

Hmmmm, hey honey what are "we" going to do next? I just love these projects! 

We have purchased a smaller vintage table for the dining area connected to the kitchen. A smaller more intimate piece of furniture. This will be where we take most of our meals. We are passing the set we now use on to one of the kids. We might be a bit crowded until the large trestle table is built, and the family dining room is complete, but it is apparent that I am very excited about this project!

As always, thanks for taking a moment to stop and say hello. We appreciate your time and your wonderful comments!


Laurie said...

I truly envy you that pantry and I think you're feathering that nest beautifully!

Pam said...

I still have unpacked boxes in our attic from our move in 1994.