Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Dining rooms, hutches and schedules, oh my!

We have had some changes, failed projects and scheduling conflicts around here, but things are smoothing out nicely. Good thing too, because there is decorating to be done, cookies to bake and gifts to wrap. Not to mention a tree needs to be put up in the living room, and where to put it, is important. We now have a dog  as part of the family.

Previously in the dining room we had a sideboard. I loved it, but it did not lend itself to the need of this household. Largely because it was a sideboard and not a hutch with upper storage for glassware. So enter the hutch, found on my favorite purchasing site - CraigsList.

Loaded with glassware and fresh produce from grocery shopping. I plan on adding some plants to the top, right in front of the copper tray.
Of course this wall held the spoon collection that belonged to Terry's mother. I love the old fashioned charm of the spoons and Terry had made the wooden display they rest on. Relocating this collection was a must, but where? I wanted to keep it in the dining room, we love having pieces of family history throughout the house. Yes, where.......

As luck will have it some days, this corner needed some help. I love the "Moms Sunday Cafe" sign, but honestly, pink and I are not best friends. And I must say, the years have not changed that.

The composition of the pieces, yes. The pink, no!
Then I decided to pick up on the colors in the Share a Random Moment, piece and change the cafe sign up a bit. I started with some gold and more black.
Thinking a crackle finish would be nice, with the deep red washed over the other colors and a serious crackle to let the layers of color below, shine through. This seemed to be the way to go and came together very well in my mind's plan, but in real life, well let's just say, not so much. The poor sign has been retired to the garage, until I can come up with a plan that will work!

However, this is what came to be of the whole process, and I must say I really enjoy this corner of the dining room now.

I am a serious oil lamp fan. This one was found at Portland Saturday Market. The warm glow at meal time is wonderful.

Now on to the tree. Once the tree goes up, under the tree is decorated with toys. Toys from our childhoods. It would of been much more fun to find an old spinning top from those years, but those older toys are now  collector's pieces. We are not collectors, but we are kids at heart. We found a singing top to put under the tree along with the dolls and other toys collected through the years. Oh and a tiny monkey sock doll, which I instantly fell in love with!

Also found while out for the day, was the glass ornament, a woodie car from the 50's.

We went through the many boxes in the attic and decided on using the old fashion ornaments this year. It was clear from the time spent in the attic, it is definitely time to go through all the boxes and sort out what is not being used on (at least) a semi-regular basis. Christmas decorations are a lot like leftovers, they stack up and no one wants to throw them out!

Tonight we will rearrange some furniture in the living room, bring the tree down from the attic and get decorating. 
As always, thanks for taking a moment to stop and say hello. We appreciate your time and your wonderful comments!


Handy Andy said...

Fresh rearranging can really bring the energy back into a space. What a good idea to tuck things in the garage! You might find that three months from now it is no longer wanting to be part of your collection. Fun post.

Laurie said...

beautiful home you are creating, its all just lovely, your collections make it even more so!

Athena at Minervas Garden said...

For some reason, I am not able to see your photos on your post today. I do thank you for stopping by, and glad that you liked my holiday door basket!

Athena at Minervas Garden said...

Ah, now they have appeared! And what a gorgeous new hutch--congratulations!

Sage Trifle said...