Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Garden Tuesday, the one about being late and not getting much done

Wow, want to see what I got done?

This area should hold multiple photos about all the progress in my gardens. Yes I currently have more than one house, so that means I have more than one garden. To enjoy, to work, to be a success with or not........

The above photos showcase my garden successes since last Tuesday. Oh wait there is no photos say you. That would be because of down pouring rain, and strong winds mixed with down pouring rain and finally drizzle when there was no down pouring rain.

I did get other work done, other non garden related accomplishments.

Such as,
My car can now be parked in the garage.
All of the boxes have been unpacked and each item has a spot. That spot might change, and most likely will, it is the way it goes when settling into a new home.

I love cooking in my new kitchen, our first family Sunday dinner went very well.
I have mastered building a solid and warming fire in the wood stove.

My vacuum wore out and I need a new one, same with the dishwasher that passed with what appeared to be flying colors at the house inspection.
I have learned that the wind will thin the cherry crop.
And the tree that I had hoped was a flowering plum, might be, but there are no little plums growing on the
branches, like the flowering plum trees from my son's neighborhood.

But I will share the following, it should allow me entrance to Garden Tuesday this week.....

Large flat leaf house plants have always been a challenge for me to water. I usually have water flowing off each leaf to the floor and the plant remains dry.

Nest a funnel in at the base and water through the funnel, the water stays off the leaves and goes where it will do some good and you won't have to wipe up the floor.

As always, thanks for taking a moment to stop and say hello. I appreciate your time and your wonderful comments!

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debbie said...

hey you must live over here in the pacific northwest! downpours storms etc!hahahahah
enjoyed your post! even without the pictures of your gardens!


kitchen flavours said...

Hi Melynda,
You have been very busy indeed! Nice to hear that things are more organized now! We'll wait for your garden photos! Did you managed to move the rhubarb over? :)