Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What's going on here Wednesdays

The painting is done. Well Ok, there is that little strip along the wall by the bathroom cabinet that got missed. And there is the ceiling (in that same bathroom) that needs washed and if it still looks yucky, after that, it will be painted. But other than that the painting is done. Popcorn ceilings and all, whew!

 This cedar needed major trimming to let in some light.

The front yard cedar trees have been trimmed and the debris cleaned up. This includes saving what was burnable. Soon a load of yard debris will go to the recyclers.

The backyard flowering cherry tree with the broken branch has been trimmed. More cutting and cleanup is needed here, and the chainsaw too.

The kitchen cabinets have been scrubbed, inside and out. Some of the kitchen from the old house has been moved.

The main bathroom is ready to be stocked, with shower curtains, towels and toiletries.

The master bathroom is also ready to be stocked. The toilet needs a new part, and I think I can handle that installation.

The Rec Room has a new ceiling fan, the floors mopped and already has furniture.

The dining room has a table and chairs. The table has a runner and centerpiece already. The hutch goes over soon.

The wood box is half full of wood. There is much more to stack.

The trellis rose is planted. There is a second rose here at the old house to transplant to the new house. These roses will bookmark a decorative arbor in the front yard.

All while working and keeping the (old) home fires burning. But not without a lot of help. I must say a really big Thanks! As always my kids were right there to pitch in, I am truly blessed!

Soon, this will all come together. Which is a good thing, because I am getting tired.....

As always, thanks for taking a moment to stop and say hello. I appreciate your time and your wonderful comments.


Laraine Eddington said...

You must be working your fingers into nubbins. It sounds like a wonderful transformation in progress.

Pranjali said...

so wonderful and lovely pics too.
I liked your blog very much.Happy to follow you dear.Do visit my blog.