Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hello everyone!

This weekend is the big (and last!) push to get the rest of the old house over to the new house. I am unable to offer any new photos at this time (so far the camera cord is MIA), however I will attempt to give a brief tour of the move in process thus far.........

We are still having cold and rain here in Vancouver USA and this wood stove is so nice. Even I can build a decent fire in this jewel.

In the kitchen: the spray hose at the sink, popped off when it broke and water was sprayed over the ceiling, we have a carefully place vise grip at the end of the hose, until a replacement can be installed. The faucet will most likely need to be replaced as well, it just won't stop dripping, no matter the attention to repair and turning off the water at that just right angle.

And a quick google search has revealed that the blinking lights on the "lock" on the dishwasher panel means it too needs to be replaced, apparently there is a design flaw........however washing dishes by hand is not the worse thing, so all in good time. Other than those small inconveniences, I love my new kitchen. It is open, bright and cheery.

This beautiful solid wood door also might have to be replaced. When the house was re-keyed in preparation for sale, the work of the locksmith, was a bit sloppy. The dead bolt hole in the door was cut too big and the path for the bolt into the frame is crooked, nothing really lines up or works well. I will be sad to see this wonderful door leave, so I will make double sure the door cannot be saved before we proceed with a replacement.

Trying to stay true to my word, these glass shelves have a very small collection of welcoming decor. I can't wait to show off my new digs, just as soon as I find that camera cord.......

The blooms are all dropped off and I will be on the look out for the start of cherries in a couple of weeks. The chorus of birds singing in the mornings is a lovely sound, if possible more than the the old house. I love having birds come to sing and visit. This weekend the bird feeders will come to the new house, oh and the lawn mower, the backyard is about 18 inches tall right about now, with all the rain and warm sunny days.

Other than that, some of the furniture did not fit, so currently the living room is low on comfort with only chairs set up. I am checking craigslist for a new to me set of living room furniture.

This weekend is my monthly Sunday Cafe dinner, my daughter suggested we make it a work party at the old house and like most of her suggestion this is a welcomed one! And now without further ado, time to get busy!

As always, thanks for taking a moment to stop and say hello. I appreciate your time and your wonderful comments.


laurie said...

you are one busy busy lady but you sound so happy, thats a good thing!

kitchen flavours said...

Congratulations, Melynda! I'm sure everything will be smooth running in no time, you sound happy and cheerful! Be sure to share some photos of your new home, when your camera is BIA!! Have a lovely week!

Kitchen Belleicious said...

i can;t believe it is still cold there! It is so hot here in texas!