Friday, October 14, 2011

Sharing the view.....some weeks are so everyday

A Friday view....
I love this standing fruit/veggie basket! Nothing gets squished, left behind, or wasted! 

There are many tasks to be done, when combining 2 lives and 2 households! Add into the mix, working different shifts, oh my! Keeping it all in balance, that is the key.

6 more books for the cookbook collection! 

And how was your week? 

As always, thanks for stopping by.
I appreciate your time and your wonderful comments!


laurie said...

I bet you were smiling with those cookbooks, I see you smilin,, you are so happy its catching!

Holly said...

Brian and I have only been married for 5 years so I remember trying to merge two lives and households into one. Busy times! Have a great weekend

Kitchen Belleicious said...

I have a fruit/veggie basket almost like yours- i love mine too! Like you said- nothing gets squished or anything! Hope you had a great weekend and I have a fun little cooking giveaway on my blog today- I hope you get to come by and enter! XO