Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Garden Tuesday

The one thing I can "grow" real well in this yard is fir trees, actually I am totally lying, they grow regardless of my ability or lack there of to grow anything! They have been here much longer than I , and the adults are bigger than me. However not this little guy.....

The little ones like this always show up after a windstorm. The tan needles make a great backdrop for the  little green shoots! As cute as they are, they are everywhere and must be "weeded" out, otherwise I would have no yard after a couple of seasons.

This is the walkway to the front door after a windstorm, lots and lots of needles are everywhere!

And if you get busy and don't weed, the little green shoot, looks like a Charlie Brown Christmas tree in about 6 months. This year I will "decorate" this one for the birds. But for now, as soon as the rain stops, I need to rake up these needles and weed out the little trees.

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Holly said...

I miss fir trees. We don't have those here in the desert. Have a happy Tuesday!

Kat said...
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Kat said...

Those cute little trees don't grow here. But we have the southern pines that crop up like that everywhere.

Abby said...

what a great idea to decorate it for the birds!

Pam said...

I love your idea to decorate for the birds!

Elsa said...

We have those as well and I always want to decorate them with light every year.