Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Garden Tuesday

The wind and rain edition,

The raspberries did not produce this year, too much early rain with no chance for the bees to do the magic. But today, the wind and rain, will finish these canes for the season.

On a more newsworthy front, there will be a second harvest of basil. Which will go straight to the freezer as pesto.

I have started collecting granite stockpots and kettles at tag sales. In various shades of blue. They will be grouped in the garden next year for herbs.

And how has your garden been? This has not been my best year, not by a long shot. I did have a few successes this year, I would say the brown bag mulch and rhubarb bed number three, were my top two successes. Next year can only be better!

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kitchen flavours said...

Too bad about the raspberries! Your basil are looking great. My garden front is a little bit slow. I have just started on a few seedlings of bitter gourd and red okra. It willbe another two to three months before I see any fruits! Have a lovely day, Melynda!

Pam said...

It's been a pretty dismal year for my garden too! Yay on your second basil harvest! I'm thinking that I'll get one more in.

Athena at Minerva's Garden said...

My garden's been a mixed bag this year, mostly due to crazy weather. But, because we recently had some fantastic warm weather and because they are still completely covered with plastic, the tomatoes are producing quite well. Lettuce and raddichio did very well this year also. Eggplant and peppers, not so much--just not warm enough for them. A lot of people seemed to have lost their raspberry plants this year, due to the extreme rainfall we had earlier this spring--the feeder roots just get overwhelmed and rot. I love your idea for the granite kettles--would love to see a picture of that next year!

Holly said...

Those granite pots will be so cute when you get them all together. I've missed so many posts since I've been gone, time to catch up.

Beth said...

In Oregon it has been a challenging year - a very cool wet spring / early summer. Summer did not arrive until mid-July - makes it hard to grow things that require 70+ days to mature,e.

Kitchen Belleicious said...

Yeah on the second batch of basil! That is great- I harvested a few batches for some pesto to store up but not as much as i had wished!