Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Garden Tuesday, the rhubarb IS GROWING!!!

This rhubarb is soooo tired of moving from bed to bed where it was not happy, but it seems that maybe, just maybe it is happy.

Or at least growing in self defense, so I won't uproot it again,

I only have this to say about that, it is about time already!

The new bed, right after transplanting. The lone plant left with any showing growth, was placed in the middle of the bed. The other smaller rhizomes were placed on each side. 

New growth on the center plant.

But look here, new growth coming up on the left!

New growth to the far right!

Lots of new growth coming up, center right!  ( Just follow the rocks to find the new shoots!) 

The only spot in the planter that is not showing signs of new growth, is the far left side of the planter. That is the smallest root/rhizome, maybe it is napping. If I don't see anything next year, I will replace it. But for now.........

We shall call this a success!

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Holly said...

Definately a success! I'm making a rhubarb cobbler this weekend. Wish I culd say it was from my garden.

Michelle said...

Awesome! Congrats on your new plant!! <3 New growth is the best!

laurie said...

yay!!I'm so glad,, what a journey that has been,, i've know people that have had to try and try different spots,,

The Sage Butterfly said...

Success indeed! The first step is over...now for some joy at watching it grow!

Annie Jones said...

Looks like it's growing well. Ours grew, but the stems never did turn pinkish red. I should have researched why, or if there is a variety that doesn't turn red, but it just never made it to the top of my to-do list. :(

Sherrie said...

Looking good! You'll have rhubarb soon. Have a great day!

Food for Thought

Jami @An Oregon Cottage said...

So happy for you. :-)

Jenn Erickson said...

I hope the rhubarb continues to grow and will flourish to profusion! Mmmm...just thinking about all the yummy things you can make with rhubarb makes me swoon!

What growing zone are you in up there in Vancouver? I wonder if it's similar to ours here in Monterey, CA. It would be so wonderful to be able to grow rhubarb here!


Wearinbeads said...

Your reward for persistence

Pam said...

Yay! Rhubarb success!! Thanks for linking up!

kitchen flavours said...

Hooray for rhubarb! REALLY glad to see your rhubarb popping up here and there! They must be really happy with their new home! :)

meowmeowmans said...

YES! So glad the rhubarb is growing now. :)

Brenda said...

Melynda - green thumb. Brenda - brown thumb. Sigh......... Seriously, I'm glad your rhubarb is doing better than my herbs which never grew. :o)

Corinnea said...

So happy for you!

Abby said...


Fishtail Cottage said...

Yay - i too am so happy for you...you've sure worked hard on this, so glad you didn't give up! thanks for sharing over here at Cottage Flora Thursday's! xoox, tracie