Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Garden Tuesday

I have decided to copy cat Pam @ sidewalk shoes and also show a garden shot on Tuesdays. I have enjoyed her photos for many months and wanted to join the fun. Although I never started out to be a urban homesteader, I did want to have enough growing for a little kitchen fun as well as some berries for jam or a pie. I use to show regular garden updates, it will be fun to get back to that in an organized schedule.

Our journey to have enough sun coming into the yard to actually grow food, included taking the bottom 20 feet of limbs off the huge trees in the backyard. As a point of reference the bottom 20 feet of limbs started about 40 feet from the ground! The majestic trees are beautiful but do not allow for the sun needed for berries. Also the limbs when they fell during a wind storm were 20-30 feet long. It has been much safer in the back yard, and the wind fall was greatly reduced this winter.

We also have a little compost cooking up and I want to compost more and more. Honey, not so much. But it is the perfect answer for the rising costs of garbage/yard debris pickup service. I know that due to the acidic nature of the evergreen trees, we don't want to compost all of those needles, but everything else I am open to trying.

I don't have any great knowledge base for growing food, except I want to. I want the grandchildren to pick berries in my back yard. I want the jam I put in the Christmas baskets and stockings to be not only homemade but home grown if possible. Unfortunately I am not my father's daughter in that I can simply scratch a line in the dirt, drop a seed and get food. It seems like that is all he had to do when I was growing up. Because of this, I continue to have such a small crop that some days my harvest is 2 strawberries or 1 small stalk of rhubarb. But I will keep on learning and growing and hopefully improving.

With that said here are my first photos, proof that spring is coming. Oh yeah and we expect snow here in Vancouver on Wednesday or Thursday.......

There are four blueberry bushes in the garden. They have leaf buds.

There are 2 current bushes in the garden. They have leaf buds.

The garlic chives are growing, uh, yes that would be leftover chive seed stalks in the way of the new growth. It is definately time for a little garden clean up..........

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Alea said...

I pushed back the snow the other day to take pictures of the plants growing underneath. :)

I have tons of berries and they bring me such joy! Looking forward to gardening season, as I am sure are you.

Holly said...

My grandparents had about 5 acres in Indiana and grew just about anything and everything. Brings back very fond memories of going out back with Grandma to "pick" our dinner.

Donnie said...

We rented a house in 1981 that had 6 old blueberry bushes and we had a fun summer with those. Happy Gardening.

Michelle Stiles said...

I love watching the transformations of the seasons.

Pam said...

Yay! Thanks for joining in Garden Tuesday!!