Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Very quickly, homemade gifts 2010

Showing off some of the homemade gifts I made this year.....

a simple greeting, to place in a small area.

knitted scarves, heavy duty for him, lacy for her.

an antique bottle, with a couples message. (I put gold curled ribbon inside the bottle to add depth)

this would be a "dust collector" but I like the message

the ancient game of "go" (Honey helped with this one)

a "low tech" dry wipe note pad!

a dry wipe goals list

a dry wipe menu planner (not a good photo, sorry)

 a rustic table runner, I have shown this one before, it is made with recycled tee shirts.

a basket with homemade mustard's, shown below

homemade vanilla and cinnamon extracts, raspberry thyme vinegar and a jar of rhubarb jam.

Thanks for letting me show off my crafts.


kitchen flavours said...

You are really good with your hands! They are lovely. I am really lousy when it comes to anything handicraft. I have a 'half completed blanket' hidden in my cupboard which was actually meant for my daughter two years ago! I promised myself to complete it by middle of this year, it really is a challenge as I am not good when it comes to handwork including sewing!

Holly said...

Hi Melynda, I am just loving that girly scarf. I have wanted to knit forever. My grandmother spent 4 hours with me trying to teach me but it never stuck. Have a wonderful New Year!

Annie Jones said...

Those are all great ideas!

Belinda @zomppa said...

Wow! Your friends are lucky! You need to get these on Etsy!

Donnie said...

You have been a busy girl this year. I'm not a crafty person so I truly appreciate those who are. Just lovely. Hope you have a wonderful new Year.

ya ya's mom said...

i love my menu planner!!!! i haven't figured out the game yet, but love the thoughtfulness of it!!!!!! you're the best mil in the world!