Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Our Christmas tree 2010

I don't usually put the Christmas gifts under the tree. It seems that it is difficult to retrieve them on Christmas morning. Yes, there is a grandchild to do this, but it is Christmas for her also, and the excitement (and good memories) can be over run with the task of handing out presents. For the past few years I have decorated the bottom of the tree with toys.

Not just any toy, my toys. Some of these are old, found while out thrifting, others are from the dollar bin at Target. I have more, including a miniature red flyer wagon, and a crocheted doll my Mother made many years ago. Since this was the first full size tree, I wanted to keep things simple.

Babes in Toyland, at our house!

She is not old, but I loved her red hair, on her lap is a bean bag angel ornament.

The little Dutch boy I believe is old, his face and hands are porcelain. I found the little tin pail separately, but they sure go nice together. To the far right is workman Santa, It looks like he built the little airplanes. He is standing beside a fabric (stuffed) tree.

A simple but sweet corner, filled with toys and presents. Wait, those aren't presents, they are only props. I still wanted it to look like Santa had been here!
As always, thanks for stopping, I appreciate your time!


Kathleen said...

Love your Christmas tree!

Mexico in my kitchen said...

Thanks for posting, I enjoyed seeing your tree.
Is it real? It looks like a live tree.



Sage Trifle said...

Beautiful! I love the toys--it reminds me of Christmases when I was a little girl. Our gifts from Santa were never wrapped, just arranged under the tree.

LeAnn said...

Well of course you have toys. I knew you would. I do too. Everyone should. I do put presents under the tree. Various people stopping by to see what's newly arrived and who its for is fun a family thing for us. The conversation about what might be in each is part of the fun. The whole shaking the box is fun too.