Monday, November 22, 2010

Antipasti Salsa

I like stuff!

I really like old kitchen stuff, old cars and even better, old pick-up trucks! 

 if this was full size and had an engine, this is what I would drive!

I did ask the housekeeper at work to open the garbage bag the other day so I could retrieve this…..

 this now has a place on the kitchen hutch shelf, it is great to hold the small fruits and vegetables

… had been on the free shelf, and no one wanted it. When I heard the conversation about throwing it away, I knew it was meant for me. I was not quick enough to get it before it was trashed, but quick enough to save it, from the trash. I did not even know they had a “free” shelf in the lunch room until that moment in time! See, you can learn something new everyday.

I am not certain that liking old stuff means that I like myself better, now that I am older. But you know, I think I do! Maybe it is because I am more forgiving of others, and by natural extension, myself as well. I also have a different sorting guideline, a newer and more up to date understanding of the important things in life. This is a direct result of listening to what is important to me, and then taking appropriate action.

Forgiveness is a wonderful thing, even when practiced on one’s self. Just remember this important point, forgiveness is not permission to act badly. Never was, and never will be.

I will forgive anything, but I may not be willing to forget. Is that a conflict of words? Not really. We are all adults, and even adults get hurt feelings. But after the pain, since we are adults, lets act like adults. I will forgive you, for you and for me. The first part is for you, so that you may continue to enjoy life and seek happiness. The second part is for me, so I can move on, as well.

I don’t like fluff!

I don’t like salesman fluff or loud advertising fluff. And I don’t like fluff in relationships, whether business or personal. I know I am sounding a bit cranky here, but time is in short supply these days and why use it for fluff, when you can have real?

Everytown USA is getting rid of fluff. It seems folks want real food and real jobs with integrity. Families are getting larger and some women are staying home to do their best work. Different types of things are appearing on wish lists like, chicken coops and laying hens. Even a composter, to make things easier. Once again homemade is no longer second best. And dinner with the family has value and is planned for.

Personally I love it! Maybe it is part of that newer and more up to date understanding of what is really important in this life? If so, I am not the only one, mores the better. Could it be true that, everything old becomes new again?

What ever it is, I am thankful. And I am grateful. Grateful to those I love and who love me in return. I am thankful for employment to keep my home warm, safe and dry. I am grateful for love and friendships to keep my heart happy, and shared times to keep my spirit strong. 

 Thank you family, near and far. 

As we head into another year ending; with lots of festive celebrations, there is no better time to take stock and realize the happiness that is yours. A review of the past year, will offer a chance to feel proud of the hits and inspiration to revamp plans for those items that made the miss list.

No matter what you find, feel proud of yourself, your hard work, your future plans and above all your family.
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

And now for the food. There is not an ounce of fluff in this recipe, and personally I cannot wait to stuff myself with it!

Antipasti Salsa
Adapted from:  dip it!
By Rick Rodgers
1 ½  T red wine vinegar
1 clove garlic, pressed
¼ c olive oil
I am so glad Honey bought the whole stick, I love this stuff!

1 10 oz package frozen artichoke hearts, thawed and cut into small pieces ( I wanted a very flavorful dish, therefore I used only 8 oz from the package)
1 red bell pepper, roasted, peeled and minced
2 medium celery ribs with leaves, minced
2 T chopped fresh basil
1/8 t crushed red pepper

½ c (2 oz) Italian salami, minced
½ c (2 oz) provolone cheese, minced

¼ c pine nuts, toasted
salt to taste

Baquette slices, Crosstini or pita chips for serving

Combine the vinegar and garlic in medium bowl. Gradually whisk in the oil. Add artichoke hearts, red bell pepper, celery, basil and crushed red pepper.


Cover and chill 1 hour or if making in advance, up to 2 days.

When ready to serve, stir in the salami, cheese and pine nuts. Season with salt. Transfer to a serving bowl, serve chilled with a small spoon for scooping.

Serve with bread of choice!

Recipe rating;  It's Ok. (tasty but not special)

If you have a desire to make Crosstini, here you go! This is also provided by Rick Rodgers.
400 degree oven

1 baguette or baguette shaped Italian bread sliced ¼ inch thick
olive oil

Place bread slices on baking sheet, brush with olive oil. Bake until golden, about 10 minutes. If using 2 pans, rotate pans, at about 7 minutes. Continue baking until golden.

As always thank for stopping to visit.

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girlichef said...

I am the same way...give me substance! Fluff just annoys me...I have no patience for it. Very good words and the recipe sounds delicious. Thanks for sharing w/ the hearth and soul hop this week :D

Sage Trifle said...

Antipasti Salsa. . .I love the name of the dish. I may just have to make this for the family while they are here. It sounds delicious and like something we would all enjoy.

LeAnn said...

You're right on the mark. Forgiving is hard for me sometimes, but necessary to move on. But you're right that it's not permission to act badly. By the way, I love the old food mill and the truck. It's interesting the stuff in our lives says a lot about who we are. And you are interesting.

Quay Po Cooks said...

You are right, we have to be thankful and grateful to those we love and love us. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family:D

Kirby said...

Yes I can forgive but will never forget! Very wise advice! Your recipe sound great! Happy Thanksgiving!

Katie @ This Chick Cooks said...

I love the return to more family values and what was once considered "old fashioned" type practices. Thanks for sharing and Happy Thanksgiving.

21st Century Housewife© said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too! Your recipe looks delicious. And I'm not into fluff either :)

a moderate life said...

Hey Melly baby! Just dropping by, and it is my week off from commenting on the hearth and soul hop, but thanks for linking. I wanted to take a moment to send you some special loving for being one of the treasures I have discovered in this past year that has made my life richer! You are the BEST! Happy thanksgiving HR puffinstuff! LOL also, i want to bake your granny's pie, but i left you some questions on that post! So check it out! Love you! Alex

Alea said...

I appreciate that we are gravitating back towards a subtantive and sustainable lifestyle - even if it is being done in baby steps. I hope some of the changes become permanent and do not revert back to fluff once the economy turns around!

Couscous & Consciousness said...

Couldn't agree more :-) Hope you have a very happy Thanksgiving with those that are near and dear to you.
Sue :-)

Greenearth said...

The item you saved from the garbage is similar to the one we had to make my sister's baby food. They are a great item.

Butterpoweredbike said...

And here I was afraid that this was going to be a post about that marshmallow topping that comes in a jar, isn't that called Fluff n Stuff?

Thank goodness for getting older. I always knew I'd be one of those people that got better with age. But I didn't know that it would have a lot to do with the forgiveness that you have spoken of. I love the sign on your shelf, "kindness matters."

You know that sigh of happiness that you release after you eat a great meal? I do that same sigh after I read your posts. Good stuff! Thanks for sharing your wisdom with the Hearth and Soul hop.

Ella said...

dropped by to say hi....

Have a Sugary day!
~~~ ~~~

Christy said...

What a great post - full of substance - and so many things to think about. I like older things - especially dishes and things to cook with/in. I love that society is at least accepting that old values and ways of doing things are valuable! I was a stay at home mom when it was soooo uncool (still am)(uncool that is ;o)
Thanks for a wonderful Hearth and Soul Post!