Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tomorrow is Sunday Cafe

This is the first time in my memory, that a holiday and "Sunday Cafe" Sunday fall on the same date. That makes this cafe menu a bit more fun! Granddaughter plans on going out on her rounds as a Mummy, so we shall have the prerequisite Mummified Dogs, in honor of the holiday. Other Halloween themed offerings  will be Cauldron of boiling River Rot and  Bread of the Dead Pudding with Ladles of Blood.

For those of us that prefer food of a standard order, there will also be:

Braised Chicken thighs on a bed of leeks, seasoned with bacon thyme and white wine.

Roasted Butternut squash, served as a duo, half seasoned sweet and the other half savory.

Turkey and black bean enchiladas suiza, served with homemade salsa

Fresh oatmeal whole wheat and raisin sourdough bread.

Tossed garden greens.

Savory slow cooked green beans, seasoned with onion, ham hock and dried tomato.

I have been having the greatest of times, home for the past 3 1/2 months. But alas my time here has come to an end, with a return to my outside job on Monday. I hope to maintain a good standard schedule of posting, yet a bit more limited, due to being gone almost 10 hours daily with commute time. Thank you, everyone for your visits, and I hope to continue on this fun journey with everyone along!

As always I appreciate your visit, and do come back tomorrow for the photos, you know, you want to know what Bread of the Dead Pudding with Ladles of Blood looks like!


Brenda said...

I can't wait to see what bread of the dead pudding with ladles of blood looks like, lol. Good luck with your new job. I'm alway almost 10 hours a day too with my commute and have realized that blogging 3 days a week works for me. I tried to do more but with everything else I have to attend to it just didn't work. Just blog when you can, we'll be here. :o) Happy Halloween!

Couscous & Consciousness said...

Sounds good - can I come over?!

Good luck with getting back to work. I always find it a bit of a challenge keeping up with my blogging - I would like to do more but most weeks 3 posts seems to be about all I can manage.

Sue :-)

Pam said...

Good luck with your job! I am so totally blessed to be just 2 minutes from my job.

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

I want the oatmeal!

LeAnn said...

I've done 10 hour days for many years, but it gets harder as life goes on. Take care of yourself.

It's been on my list of things to do to try your cottage cheese dinner rolls recipe, but I haven't gotten to it. Maybe it's the 10 hour days.

The black bean enchilda suiza sounds like my thing. Hoping for more information.

Best to you and yours. The Osbornes.

Melynda said...

Hi Brenda I am finding that any bread makes great bread pudding, even quick breads and scones. It is not necessarily pretty (which WAS the point, this time) but tasty. And thanks for your kinds word about returning to work. I appreciate it.

Sue, the 3 posts a week schedule seems to be workable and currently worked by many, yourself included. Thanks for the encouragement.

Pam, I would love your commute! Thanks for visiting.

Debbie, that bread is really good. This is the second time I have made it. Any leftovers are cubed and toasted in the oven, for our Holiday stuffing.

LeAnn, thanks for stopping. Your SO right about the age connection and 10 hour days. The cottage cheese rolls are easy, and easy to make in steps, great for a weekend dinner, especially one that has a liquid that just NEEDS to be eaten with bread!