Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wednesday and wandering about, wants vs need

What I wanted to do was to bake up a simple drop style, sugar cookie. This cookie want of mine, has a long time in the wanting. Most sugar cookies recipes are roll and cut style, and to be honest, I have never had much luck with that type of cookie. They tend to look pretty, but that is deceiving. Your first bite reveals that I did not handle the dough gently, or roll it out carefully, and that I did have to re-roll, making for one tough cookie. No, for me the only use for a cookie cutter is decorative!

What I needed to do, was get the living room cleaned up after the stove install. Not as exciting, but the living room will be dust, grit and grime free when I get done. A much nicer place to be when we listen to music or relax. So I did what I needed to do. The cookies will wait until tomorrow.

There, a tidy home is a comfortable home. I am sure someone important said that, I just don't know who!

I did find some great links for everyone, so lets take a look at:

I found this Washington blogger while out "wandering" a while back. She has a great link on her blog called
A billion or so ways to use flash frozen chicken, well I thought at the time, that will come in handy!.

Pumpkin bread pudding, what a delicious treat. Ferdzy also shares what she learned about the pumpkin shortage.

I ran into this North Dakota blogger a bit ago, take a look at this great recipe for (easy) homemade cheese.

Root vegetables are coming on strong in the markets, and chard is still plentiful. This looks like a great way to enjoy both and offer the family a new side dish.

Have you ever lost a favorite old time recipe? Do you have some that others might be looking for? Take a look here.

OK, I know, it's beans, beans, beans with me.  But here are 2 great sites. One is beans only and the other has bean and grain recipes.


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Donata said...

Thank you for sharing, and thank you so much for the link!

Sage Trifle said...

Yes, nice clean rooms feel good, but I would rather be cooking! ;) As a fellow bean fan, thanks for the links.

shannon i olson said...

What a fun little wandering post, I love this idea! thank you!!