Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wednesday and wandering about, and Fire Roasted Salsa

Summer is coming to a close, school has begun across the river, and soon will start on this side. Fortunately it is possible to purchase the ingredients year round for this delicious salsa. This is another in the Lacto-fermented exploration I am upon.

Fire Roasted Salsa
adapted from: post at the NOURISHING gourmet - guest post by Shannon @ Cooking Gods Way

2 pounds of Roma tomatoes (8-10)
1 yellow onion - peeled and sliced thick, do not separate into rings
1 - 2  jalapeno pepper (I for mild salsa)
5 cloves of garlic - do not peel, mash lightly to "pop" the paper skin
1/2 red bell pepper

1 bunch cilantro, the bunch at my market was very large, I did use the whole bunch.
1 t cumin seeds, crushed fine
1 t oregano leaves - crumbled well (recipe called for 1/2 t Mexican oregano, did not have)
1 lime
1T sea salt
pinch of cayenne pepper (did not use this first time out, will next time) or more for spicy
4 T whey
Place all vegetables on rimmed baking sheet, broil until golden brown, turn as needed. Remove the vegetables that have browned, and continue to brown and turn until all vegetables are roasted.

Let peppers rest covered with a towel, to sweat. When cool, peel jalapeno pepper and remove all seeds. Remove the black skin from the red pepper.

Place all tomatoes (I did not skin, but you may of course) into work bowl of a food processor and process on "pulse" to chop coarsly, do not puree. Turn out into a large bowl. 

Next chop onion slices and garlic. Again, chop, do not puree. Add to the processed tomatoes. 

Process the peeled peppers and the cilantro, pulse to chop.

Juice the lime, add to the chopped vegetables along with the spices, salt and whey.

Stir well to combine, spoon into a clean quart jar. Cap with a plastic lid and let sit at room temperature to process for 2 days. Then refrigerate.

This is delicious! Bring on the tortilla chips, burritos, tacos and more............

And now for some end of summer links.

I love "jello" but not jello brand, too much artificial everything. Ferdzy @ Seasonal Ontario Food made some delicious gelatin desserts, take a look at these.

I am learning to make "smoothies", I know again I am late to the party! This is a good starting point or base recipe, I like that it uses yogurt too. Thanks goes to Rocquie@ Sage Trifle.
I will never tire of grilled pizza, this post has great information and a delicious looking photo,  from Elise@Simply Recipes.
This household is still new to eating kale, here are great tips, and a good recipe too. From Amanda@Daily Diner.

Yes another zucchini bread recipe, this one whole wheat. I am officially putting out the call for zucchini, I must have been missed on "leave a zucchini on your neighbors porch" day.

And for the last link, this broccoli salad caught my eye. It is not too sweet and has a different ingredient, curry. I am looking forward to enjoying this, look here @not so urban hennery.

I hope you see something you that will bring a bit of summer to you after the weather changes. As always thanks so much for stopping by,

I love having visitors!


Melynda said...

Honey states this is great, he however does prefer a hotter salsa. I made it mild on purpose, as I did not want a quart of hot salsa, just in case he did not particularly like it. However next time, we will use 2 jalapeno peppers, and I will split the batch and add cayenne to half. There is no reason we can't please everyone!

redmenace said...

YUM! I adore a good salsa- especially one with all sorts of good roasted bits. Thanks for sharing!

And, BTW, the Yakima River really does contain cider :)