Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday Cafe

This is such a fun way for me to treat myself, by cooking something new each month, and I also get to treat my family to a nice meal. We had a nice visit and a nice dinner, eating in shifts this time. Some were working, some had to go to work, some were helping others, and one little one got bite by her doggie. By the time dinner was over, it had been a long day for all. Again thanks to my family for coming to dinner and helping me by enjoying this little hobby with me, I do appreciate it! 

Relish plate w/ deviled eggs, Carrot pickles, okra pickles, radishes, roasted figs and Blue Cheese to spread on crackers.

Sesame Noodle Salad - From:  Sage Trifle - I used buckwheat Soba noodles, and this was delicious. However it does not photo well. Grey food is not pretty, even when it tastes good.

Tossed Green Salad (for those that desire) 

Pulled Pork - This one is by the seat of my pants!


This was very tasty, not a pretty photo when completely seasoned in the sauce.

Rolls for Pulled Pork - My favorite Cottage Cheese Dough.

I made the dough into a large flat loaf, that we cut into bun sized squares. That will have to do, until I get some muffin top pans for sandwich buns!

Old fashion soft fried Chicken thighs - This one is by the Lovely Jess, she cooked these so I did not get too far behind.

Some times you need a simple dish, with so many other flavors, fried chicken always works.

Onion Gratin, so sweet and tasty. - By the seat of my pants!

Rhubarb Cake with Vanilla Sauce - From My Kitchen Cafe:

Crisp Apple Pudding  -  From Tasting  Spoons:  


As always, thanks for taking a moment to stop by. 


Sage Trifle said...

Wow, Melynda, that is a feast! I hope your family appreciates your efforts. Had I been there, I don't know how far past that lovely relish tray I would have gotten.

redmenace said...

Everything looks wonderful! What a feast! Have I mentioned how much I adore cottage cheese dough?So good!