Saturday, July 31, 2010


Lets talk Quinoa. I have only cooked it a couple of times. But I am in like with all of the good stuff it offers. It cooks up quickly, is a whole grain, and is high in protein. I also have a large bag of it in my freezer that I bought at Costco. From what I have learned so far, you can just about use it anywhere for anything, simply substitute Quinoa for another grain type. Because it has a mild taste, you can enjoy it as a hot breakfast cereal, in cold grain salads, hot as a side dish, and more, probably lots more.

One of the reasons that I run this whole Saturday Spotlight, is to educate, little old me. Yes me, you see it is so easy to stay in the "safe food" rut, and keep eating the same things. Usually because the family, and even you like them and they are, well they are, safe. You certainly know where they are located at the market, you know that the last time you served it, everyone ate, and often times you need easy (also known as safe) because it has been a long and/or tough day. Whew! I think that about covers all my excuses, er I mean reasons. 

But then you can look back on the last month or 10 years, and think " my gosh our meals are boring (but safe!)". And you realize that there are so many other wonderful foods out there to enjoy and cook. The only way to do that is to learn about new and different foods as well as a review of the forgotten value of some the good old standbys. So how about this Saturday's Spotlight, I think I am learning a few things here.

And you know, eating preferences do change. I use to be a dyed in the wool, cold cereal and orange juice kind of gal. Not any more. I prefer a warm breakfast, yet rarely is that eggs. I prefer my eggs as a mid-day or evening meal. So by default, a warm breakfast for me would be some sort of warm, whole grain cereal with some milk or yogurt on top. A scoop of brown rice from the fridge warmed on the stove with some milk and cinnamon is delicious, and now I will have Quinoa to look forward to.

My plan is to cook up a batch of Quinoa and keep it in the fridge. I do that now with brown rice and it has proven to be very handy. I will always have a starting point for a quick meal at any time of the day. Warmed in milk for breakfast, used in a cold grain based salad, or a quick meat and veggie stir-fry served over the top. One of my favorite ways to be frugal, and not waste food is Fried Rice, using up all the little bits and dabs left over. Why not Quinoa?

I am not going to cook and show a pan of Quinoa.  That seems pretty silly, and besides, if you could see the disaster in my craft room, you would completely understand! Honey is on the late shift today and I have all evening to get this put back together. But next Saturday I am going to make this, it sure looks good!

As always thanks so much,
for stopping by. I appreciate it!


Sage Trifle said...

I'm proud of you for wanting to break out of your safety zone--keep up the good work. You are right, there are amazing foods out there just waiting to be discovered. It is one of the things that keep cooking so interesting for me.

Melynda said...

Thanks so much, your message is a great start for this new month.