Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday night brights

Yesterday for Sunday Cafe, we had the traditional picnic/BBQ meal. Hot Dogs with buns, potato salad, chips, you know all the food that is a treat to eat! Also not something I serve a lot of, only because that menu does not carry a lot of veggie weight! But you know, every now and again, you gotta have a fun BBQ dinner. I had an idea for homemade dog buns, and it turned out really good.

Make up a batch of this delicious, soft dough , then

After the first rising, divide the mixture into 6 mini loaf pans. Let rise again. Bake at the same temperature and time. Let cool briefly (5 minutes) then tip out to avoid a soggy bottom.

Cut in half down the middle lengthwise, this gives you 12 "bun cradles".

Slice about 1/2 inch deep on the soft side, and gently separate, to open. (This photo does not show much "gently" anything. but in my defense, it is hard to be a one armed camera woman! One arm on the cradle and one arm operating the camera.)

Dress your bun cradle with your favorite fixings and lay down your grilled dog. All that is left is to enjoy! I will make these again, and this would also make a great meatball "sub"!

You have to know I am over the top with this gift from my sister's back yard! Thanks so much "Hazel".

Rhubarb pie, jam with red grapefruit, and maybe some Rhubarb Vodka!

And now, here are the last shots from the Saturday wedding at the Castle

This is the back of my little red hatchback, filled with food and linens.

Here is the passenger seat, also filled up. Our other crew member, the Lovely Jess rode with Hazel.

This is Hazel's big red truck filled with coolers and tables.The back seat area was also full. We wanted to be as prepared as was possible.

And how was your week?

As always, thanks so much for taking a moment to stop and say hello!
I love having visitors.


redmenace said...

homemade hotdog buns? great idea!!!!

Melynda said...

Thanks, it was fun also. Those little bread pans are great for so many things.


Sage Trifle said...

I love your little buns. Thanks for sharing a great idea.

Alea said...

Hmm, I wonder if I commented on the wrong post or if it did not go through...

I think this is a brilliant idea. I can't wait to give it a try.