Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday night brights

The raspberries are coming along great, this picking makes over 3 gallons in the freezer. After the growing season is done, I will make jam and other goodies.

They are very large, I can only imagine next year after having a year of sun to thrive in, since the big trees have been trimmed. 

I have been having fun with recycled crafts, this red rug for the kitchen is the last rug for a while. I do want to get started on holiday gifts. This shot sure makes the kitchen look big (I wish :) !

A close up for detail. Who would of thought old tee shirts could look this good? In using the rug, I have decided I will want to add enough additional rows so that the edge of the rug is flush with the toe kick under the cabinets. That will help it stay in place better.

and now Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing..........

Homemade Laundry Powder
from: Love made the radish grow.

I listed this in my Wednesday wanderings and decided to make it and share it today. I do have some of the commercial laundry powder to use up, but I won't wait until the last minute! I have wanted to make my own laundry powder for a long time, and have had some of the products on my storage shelf in the garage.

4 oz grated bar soap - I used Fels Naptha
2 c borax
2 c washing soda
1 c baking soda

I have had some of these products awhile, the soap wrapper is dirty and the borax box is dusty! The soap is a 5 oz bar, you are viewing 4 oz grated.The one ounce chunk left over is great for spot treating, just dip the end  in water as the washer fills, rub on the dirty stain. 

Not only was the box dusty, the product had clumped. I pressed it through this sieve to smooth it out.

Combine everything, mix well.

I have an extra coffee scoop which is 2 T in capacity. For a small load use 1/2 to one scoop, for a large load use up to 2 scoops. This follows the guidelines for amount to use.  I am storing in a labeled coffee can. I will remark the can when I find my bold black sharpie, the green is too hard to notice. 

I found this old roll top breadbox while out thrifting last week. I love the carved birds. Also it has a handy little top spot to store my digital scale. Every time I come home from thrifting, Honey groans, but I always find a way to put things to good use.

My guilty pleasure, the last piece of pie for breakfast!

The gift that keeps giving. Over 30 years ago I gave my sister "Hazel" a philodendron plant as a gift. She still has it today, and has probably trimmed off miles of excess growth from it through the years, some discarded and some given for starts. I myself received a start about 15 years ago. Every few years I cut it back or start again with the best "ends" if I have let it get away from me. This is another re-potting of that plant, this time in a giant red coffee cup for my kitchen windowsill.

What did you do this week? Sometimes the look back is fun, and sometimes it gives the opportunity to see how much was accomplished.  

As always, thanks
for stopping by, I appreciate your time!


Anonymous said...

The homemade detergent is great, you'll find that you no longer need fabric softner/dryer sheets. I make a similar version without the baking soda - works great!

Melynda said...

Thanks so much, I have wanted to do this for so long. I appreciate the softener sheet info, I don't use many now, but that will be nice to use none. Thanks again.