Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuesday as a Monday Night Brights! Kate's Wedding

The coast weather was just like home, overcast, chilly and wet! I took plenty of clothes to choose from, but standing in the drizzle for the ceremony and daily walks on the beach took it's toll and now I have a cold. Not just any cold, a really bad stayed home from work cold. The only upside to this whole downside is that IF I am going to get a winter virus it is usually at the end of the cold weather season, right before the change to warm. So by my calculations summer is coming!

We walked and ate and simply relaxed, oh yeah went to a wedding also! 

The wedding was held right on the waters edge. Later everyone went back to the beach house for dinner

My sister Kathy, baked the Wedding cake. Carrot cake, by request of the bride.

Granddaughter open the sand dollar bank, this was one day's business.

We found many interesting items, including a small sea star that had washed up on the beach. I am attempting to dry him out, but do not know if I will be successful in this colder, wetter climate.

Honey put the sea star on the sifting screen, and placed it under the roddie in the backyard. It is under the eve of the house, should stay dry there. 

Granddaughter and I started collecting feathers on our first trip to the beach. To make a feather bouquet. This is from trip #1 last year. We, she mostly, collected a lot of feathers this time.

Feathers and other treasures.......this is the small portion that came to my house. She gathered enough to give a sand dollar to each child in her class today as a last day of school, going away for the summer gift.

Our feather bouquet in progress, there is room for more feathers, when we go again. I "floated" a loan for the sand dollars!

Granddaughter loved the bigger clam shells, until she found this one with barnacles in it. We talked about barnacles, but she still though them icky. So I get this shell. It is sill rather wet, the sand will tap out later, for a clean display when dry.

Here is what is happening in the back yard.

These are the trees in the back yard. They are huge, when a limb falls it is easily 20 feet long. I love them, but Honey not so much. He would like them gone. And for a while that was the plan, cut the trees, use the wood for heat. But we are going to install a pellet stove this summer, so the firewood from these trees would not be of use to us now. Our compromise is to have about 25-30 foot of the bottom limbs cut off. That will bring in more sun for the garden area, and eliminate some of the limb/windfall.

It is raspberry picking time!

A nice crop of blueberries is ripening.

Not many, but we have currents. These are the white variety, I picked up the wrong container. I wanted the red variety for jelly. Oh well, something new to learn about.

And saved for last, here is in our home.

New photos of the granddaughters to frame. The two beauties in blue live in Texas, otherwise all three would be going and doing, right along with Honey and me. 

As chilly as the house has been, the bananas still got away from me. It is time for a batch of banana bread, Honey's style.

As always thanks for taking a moment to stop and say hello.
I so enjoy visitors!


Nicola (Which Name?) said...

Those cakes are gorgeous! One layer of our wedding cake was carrot, also! And your granddaughter is so cute with her sand dollar collection. What a plentiful pile she's got. Enviable!

Melynda said...

Thanks Nicola, Kathy has such a skill with food. Not only does her food taste delicious, it is very beautiful. I am more rustic in my style.