Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday night brights

After a quiet weekend, I have a couple of things to share. But it was very quiet. I even canceled my Sunday dinner, I am having a difficult time getting over this virus, and the kids thought I should just rest on Sunday instead of cook. I must say though, I missed cooking. 

I did get the new pictures framed. Such sweet smiles to greet us each day.

Honey surprised me with new shelves in the garage. These will be mine, so that I can store all the little things that I use from time to time along with the large lot of toilet paper that we buy from Costco. You know things like, different vases, and figurines and of course my canning equipment. You know, the girlie stuff! He made them 2 cans tall, just in case I want to store extra food here, and maybe in the fall and winter, but this part of the garage is too hot for food in the summer.

This pretty rose is on the side of the house. It is misunderstood, I say that because it is a climber and the previous owners planted it where it has no place to climb. So it is all fallen over and hunch backed. I am hoping to move all the roses to another area, especially this one. I would like to place an arbor over the gate to the back yard and plant it at the base, so that it will drape the arbor with color.

The rest of the garden is coming along nicely, take a look. 

Blueberries are ripening.

The raspberries are ripening. 

And we do have strawberries this year.

As always thanks so much for taking a moment to stop and say hello. I love having visitors!


redmenace said...

All good things! I love the pictures and I'm jealous of the raspberries!

Melynda said...

Thanks Redmenace, the strawberries do not ring any bells, but the raspberries are always good. Poor strawberries were over run first by slugs and now by the squirrels.