Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday night brights

The strawberries are doing very well, this year we will get a crop IF the critters don't get to them first.

What you see is a crushed egg shell mulch, this is to keep the slugs from having breakfast on our berries.

You can see some little dots of red, I am hoping for at least a batch of jam from our home grown berries this year.

Our first harvest, nothing to break news about, but we each had 2 and they were very tasty. I used them to crown the french toast I made from Sunday's Cinnamon rolls. 
In case you have been under a large flat rock for the past few years, left over cinnamon rolls make great french toast. It is like eating warm bread pudding. Very yummy! Makes a great dessert too.

This may look odd or simply like a basket full of items that need to be put away. But this is a wedding gift. My own Mother use to make up such a basket for gifts, usually shower gifts. The basket would be filled with gifts that matched the shower theme. I decided to continue this custom for my niece's wedding next weekend. I still have to wrap some of these gifts (some were wrapped and others not, in Mothers basket gifts). I have written a little letter to my niece and her husband to be about the custom and how they each are responsible to teach the other about their own families. I hope they like this gift. I had fun and in the process continue our own  homemade tradition.

Oh yeah, and the new mortgage is signed!

Remember the little sitting area with candles for our evenings outdoors? That sitting area is comfortable and the little bit of light from the candles was just right. Then I had to post another photo of the candles and how the sun melted them into unusable blobs of wax.

This might help refresh your memory......

These new oil lamps will be fun and will stand up to the sun much better than the candles. I am looking to evenings out in the cool fresh air.

As always thanks for taking a moment to stop and say hello! 
I always enjoy having visitors. 

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EAT! said...

Thanks for the egg shell idea. I am so tired of the slugs "feasting" on my hosta.