Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday night brights

The raspberries are leafing out! Spring is on it's way.

The rhubarb was not to be out done, I was glad I check on the rhubarb, we had the mulch a little too deep.

The week was used for celebrations, all for my birthday. Dinners out Thursday, and again on Friday, then Saturday was a surprise birthday party. Such happy times, thanks so much to my family for their love and support.

Word must have gotten out that I enjoy a glass of wine with dinner, it seems most everyone brought a bottle. All stored safely on the hutch where I can pick and choose.

The weather here is very cold tonight, it was a toss up, let the rhubarb die in the compost or let it freeze in the out of doors. There was large hail in Portland as I left work tonight. Fortunately Honey had a nice fire in the stove warming the house.

Tomorrow is appointment day. We have an appointment for new kitchen vinyl!!!! I am so excited, it has taken 3 years to get to this point. So many changes along the way that made it possible for this day to happen. The only item not on the list of "needs" was the new stove. But it did not make sense to replace the flooring leaving a drop in stove that would need to be replaced in a couple of years. Making it necessary to patch the floor. The flooring chosen is 12 foot goods, there will be no seams in the kitchen.

As always thanks so much for taking a moment to stop and say hello. Leave a note, I love getting mail.


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noble pig said...

Happy Birthday!! Oh it's nice when everyone brings a bottle!