Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Have Kitchen, will cook on Sunday!

The shots of the kitchen all put back together do not really get the point across how much work went into this project.
Keep in mind that everything you see put away, clean and organized had to be moved out and became grit and dust covered in the process.
Which of course meant that to come back into the kitchen after the vinyl was installed, it had to be carried back and cleaned and organized.
It is a good thing I love my kitchen, a job like this could make eating out mighty tempting!

A good shot of the flooring, gone is the 1989 press and stick no-wax tile laid directly over the 1974 aztec gold multi ethnic (mayan/italian/mexican) tile pattern.

Another floor shot, I fell in love with this pattern the minute I spotted it at the dealer. Also we went with 12 foot goods, so no seams. In a kitchen that is a good thing, there are busy people working here, and things get spilled.

And now a couple of shots to show off how the room filled back up with all the belongings I love to have around to keep me "company" and give me that at home feeling. I do like an eclectic semi-cluttered style, I know it is not for everyone, but I love having the things that bring me joy around. 

Dining room, the china hutch still needs to be filled, but that will get done this weekend. Everything was packed in newspapers and will need to be washed before putting it away. I did get the really important items put away, the plant and the wine!

Take two of the dining room. Having the accent wall extend into the dining room melded the two rooms together and it was easier to off-set the hutch and gain a bit of space in the corner to store one of the extra chairs.

The open pantry hutch in the kitchen. We are super Craigslist shoppers, everything in our home came from CL or consignment shops. It is fun to put different pieces together. I did buy the stove new, but even that was super clearance, due to a ding in the front of the drawer and Honey took most of that little ding out.

Honey has ordered new carpet for the living room and then this summer we will swap out the wood burning insert for a pellet insert. New countertops are all that are left in the kitchen, Honey says he will get to those this summer as well. Then I just want a little rain awning out the back door, there are wonderful fresh air days and I want to enjoy more of them. 

Here and here are a couple of posts about taking it all apart. 

As always, thanks for taking a moment to stop and say hello, I do appreciate it!



Anonymous said...

Hey Sis, The kitchen looks just great! What a pick me up it is to complete a job like that. Specially in a room you enjoy so much. I look forward to seeing it. I guess that will be Sunday? P.S. What's ya cookin?

nicola@which name? said...

it looks great!

laurie said...

what a wonderful kitchen,, you know my whole living room kitchen area would fit in your kitchen I think.I used to have a big kitchen but now we live in an apartment,, see ing all that room is refreshing,, don't get me wrong I'm happy now but it was an ajustment.I can enjoy the beauty of your kitchen,, thank you for sharing,,, I love red too,, I thinkyou do,,,