Sunday, March 28, 2010

Another Sunday Cafe, another nice day.

A sweet thank you gift from "Hazel", but I must say it was unnecessary. I have had this little dream to have Sunday dinner for the longest time, and it has come true. I thank my family each time for coming, and making my little dream a reality.

As is my usual, as cooking time ends and dining time begins, I get forgetful about taking photos.

Here are the meatball ready to be baked. The meatballs are very very good. The entire recipe is done in stages, this makes it easy to get it done, yet not need all day to do it.

3 day Marinara with meatballs and chicken. This was delicious, the sauce has such great flavor and is now "our" sauce. I have been looking for a sauce recipe, just like this one.

The recipe does make a lot, but this would freeze very well. Great meals ready for those really busy days.

This cheesecake was an experiment to substitute yogurt cheese for half of the cream cheese. It turned out very well and I will share the recipe. I am not the biggest cheesecake fan, I can take it or leave it. This turned out very nicely.

There was also strawberries and raspberry sauce to dress up your desserts.

Funnel cakes were a request, The Lovely Jess made these for the birthday girl.

Here is our menu,
Spaghetti with meatball and chicken
Roast Pork, with applesauce
Dutch potato and vegetable mash with gravy
Buttered green beans
Salad with Blue Italian dressing
Bread and butter

Chocolate cake
Funnel cakes

As always, thanks for taking a moment to stop and say hello, I do appreciate it.


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