Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday night brights

We had a very busy weekend. Before I knew what had landed, it was time to go back to work! We had a nice breakfast out on Valentine's Day. I had my favorite Omelet prepared with fresh spinach, sauteed mushrooms and Swiss cheese, that and a side of herb seasoned red potatoes that were fried up, crunchy and delicious. Came home and got busy while Honey went off to work, got lots completed. Including filing of federal and Oregon state taxes. Yeah, done for another year. And now, take a look at some of these. This is what goes on here.

Here is granddaughter playing "21" with her Papa. A fun game to learn to make choices, adding  numbers and making some smiles. There is no gambling here, She always wins!

Quart containers from yogurt, labeled and used to capture pan drippings (not fat), those lovely de-glazed pan  juices. Frequently I have a pan with the that good stuff left over, and it goes to waste if there was no gravy or sauce made. Now those pan juices will go into the soup pot. 

Re-organized the gift wrappings. One container for Christmas, another one for every thing else. Now I know what we have. Being organized is one way to save. I don't re-buy what we already have.

Another jar of vanilla extract started. This one has the beans from 4 tubes. Yum.

Found a used sewing cabinet on CraigsList. Now there is a sewing corner in the spare bedroom. Sunday was an organization day. 

Here is some of Honey's handy work in the craft area. He is a model railroader. This was all built by hand. 

All the little pieces of the building were cut from thin plastic, and assembled. The floor of the deck, hand cut little wood planks. 
See the little conveyor belt, yes he made that too!

Another view. It is big, about 2 ft X 6 ft. The styrofoam base was gently pummeled to create the surface shape.

These trees are actual greenery ( weeds to you and me) that is found, cut, dried and then painted. 

Loading product, how did he do that???!!

As always, thanks for taking a moment to stop and say hello. I hope everyone has a great week.

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noble pig said...

You seriously amaze me.