Thursday, January 28, 2010

Frozen lemon juice cubes

I am a big fan of lemon. Lemon bar cookies, the "yellow" pie our mom use to make as my younger brother use to refer to Lemon Meringue pie. Squeezed over pan sauteed green beans with thyme and garlic. There is more, much more really, because lemons are versatile and can freshen most any dish. I usually buy a bag of lemons at Costco. They are always plump and beautiful. 

Those lemons just home from Costco, simply glow in the fruit bowl. I am real good about using them, but in time they do slip down to the bottom of the fruit bowl. There, they will darkened a bit and become leathery on the outside. When I am adding more fruit to the fruit bowl, I usually discover the once beautiful lemons are now ugly fruit. Inside that ugly fruit, the juice is still good. So I make frozen lemon juice. These juice of 1/2 lemon cubes are real handy to have, and a frugal use of something that would most likely go to waste.

Juicing the lemons can be a bit more difficult, with the skin leathery.

Strain out the pulp and seeds. The small ones don't bother me, and you do not notice them when you use these cubes. You could use a small mesh strainer if you would like a completely seedless juice cube.

Pour the juice into the ice cube tray. You will get about 2 cube areas for each lemon. It might not be exact, but then again lemons don't grow with exact size restrictions or expectations!

Freeze solid, then pop them out into a labeled bag.

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Pam said...

What a GREAT idea! I'll be doing this with limes today.

noble pig said...

My Costco lemons used to go bad quickly until I started putting them in the fridge...they last a month in there and I can always use them up by then.