Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sunday Cafe meal planning and philosophy (mine, you can ignore!)

When I first began to have dinner on the last Sunday of each month, I had some stifled yet seemingly proper ideas about how to write a blog and what to say and how to do it. I think it is fairly apparent by now, that my/the starting style of this blog is not, in the now. And all I can say is Thank Goodness!

Fortunately there are no blog rules, and I am glad. It is not that I don't believe in rule. Or don't follow them. I believe that rules are necessary. Rules assist folks in being organized, and lawful and in many small ways happy.

In addition to the rules of the world, I live by this truism:

There is what you do, and what you did not do. (there REALLY is nothing more, really)

It is so simple. Done or not done. No reasons why or excuses. Truth be told, there is no "wanted to".

I use that bold line to guide me.

Me? Yes, for I must be truthful with me, which by extension is truthful to all others.

Here is some of my did do and did not do of the week.

I did not fold the bed sheets. They are safe in the laundry basket, where they were placed when the dryer buzzed. The sheets will be taken from the basket and used the do the weekly linen change.

I did not cook dinner this week. FFY*

I did eat only cookies and a glass of wine for dinner this week.

I did work about 50 hours this week.

It is not always pretty here. Different shifts, fatigue levels the preclude doing more, once home. Using some of the available time for self, instead of more work. And all I will say is this, "it is OK". My guess is, we all live with the beautiful imperfections of real life. So repeat after me, is OK.

Now on to the food! I wanted to make a nice variety of tasty, healthy and beautiful food for Sunday Cafe. Here is what I have found and will serve. I will probably add something more, I usually do. The lovely Jess will arrive at 10:00am this morning and we will begin the journey to create this months Sunday Cafe.

Warm appetizer, Garlic Spinach balls from here,
with this, Cucumber mint yogurt dip from here.
Baked sour cream halibut, from here,
Forbidden City chicken from here ,
Dijon and lime chicken from here.
White bean and barley salad from here.

In addition I have a new cookbook to play with. The Ponzi vineyard cookbook. There is a recipe for braised cabbage, I will cook. I love cabbage, everyone else, not so much.

Nutella bread pudding from here. This was requested last night. All of my kids know, requests gladly taken.

I have found that by extension of this Sunday dinner routine I love and hope enriches the lives of my loved ones, as it enriches my own life, I am a better cook and person. As I have circled myself in finding my self, I am comfortable. See, it is what you do.

As always, thanks so much for taking a moment to stop and say hello. On to tomorrow.


*FFY (fend for yourself-we dine this way when passing between the shifts)

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noble pig said...

That bread pudding sounds amazing and Nancy Ponzi is not only a wonderful lady but an amazing cook.