Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday night brights

Not a lot of stuff tonight.

We had a "get it fixed, it doesn't work right" weekend! This included the main bathroom toilet and the cross-top freezer in the kitchen. Honey also tried to repair a lap-top computer, but that was a no go. Along the way we had to deal with the food from the cross-top (the garage freezer was full) and make a Costco run. 

But I did come up with this nifty idea for "free" storage bins, totes or you could call them anything you want. You see a cat lives here. Along the way, we have acquired cat litter buckets. The buckets are great, they stack together nicely, they don't hold so much that I cannot lift them when they are full, even full of wet heavy stuff, like soggy yard debris. But still they were still stacking up. Yes they can be recycled, but I would prefer to use them first, so........

Using a jig-saw, cut off the upper ribbed/lid area. Then cut out a handle or two. You can use either the short side or the long side. Then the possibilities are endless. Currently I have 5 of these in the freezer as organizers, one for vegetables, one for meat, another for frozen stock, etc.

 As we acquire more they will be used as organizers in the toy area to hold soft stuffed animals or small games or books. I have a couple more ideas for cutting them differently to hold different things. So stay tuned!

Credit where credit is due, Honey did the cutting. I am not to be trusted with an electric tool outside of the kitchen, seriously!

Here is the "new" plan for the freezer, use it to only hold a weeks worth of groceries from the garage freezer. That along with ice cream and the small amount of other items I keep on the door should work out OK. We'll see.I am not taking bets I won't be called "pushy" again.

Silly times! And now for a little humor. This is the body pillow my chiropractor suggested I use to help with some better body placement and getting a good night's sleep. The idea is great, but this pillow was too big for me, and even felt like another person in the bed. The granddaughter will love to jump and play around with this in the TV room, as I have chosen a smaller, more effective pillow. In the meanwhile..........

"Mr Brown" was left napping on the bed the other day. Some days I simply do not know what to expect!

As always, thanks for taking a moment to stop and say hello. I really appreciate it!


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Always great ideas!