Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday night brights

It is not real bright here tonight! There is a stomach/intestional virus sweeping the SNF where I work. Two key staff called in sick; and when the rest of us got there, after a quick symptom check, we were sent home. Fortunately for now, it is only staff.

Some how in the middle of the night, someone is making a mess in my pantry. It must be, I cannot imagine how this would happen otherwise!

Much better.

This is the jar I keep by the new/fresh batteries. When I change out the batteries in my camera, I drop the used one in this jar. When the jar is full, it will be set out for proper disposal/recycling.
Trying to do my part and do the right thing. I have found, if I make it easy, I will do it.

I have recently begun to be interested in the book Nourshing Traditions. I set up a soaking station right by the sink. These half gallon jars will work great for soaking grains and beans. Also I can see them and keep on top of my cooking tasks.

Yes it is the towel rack again. I think I like this style because you can load extra towels and not run out. I don't know about you, but I only need a towel when my hands are wet.

My washer dryer pair is in the garage. It is easy for me to forget about clean wet laundry, especially in the warmer months. It finally struck me that I should use the washer itself to know whether there was freshly washed laundry that needed to be dried.

If the lid is up, the washer is empty.
It also looks like the next time I wash towels, I need to clean the top of the washer and throw the scrub cloth in that load.

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noble pig said...

Making things easier does get us to do the right thing. Good for you!!

Pam said...

Great idea about the batteries - we usually use rechargeable. I also like the soaking station for beans!