Sunday, December 20, 2009

A different type of cookie exchange

I wanted to do a Christmas cookie exchange that was a bit different. Previously I have had exchanges where the cookies were baked, plated and wrapped. Each guest traded a plate of baked cookies for one of your plates of baked cookies. These exchanges were fun, but the amount of work to get ready for the exchange day was sometimes huge depending upon your guest count. After a few years of that, I gave it up. Now as I "slow" down my days a bit; I am wanting to return many activities to my list of fun things, and a cookie exchange at the holidays is definitely one thing to return to my list. As I thought about the exchange; I came up with a different plan, make some cookies fresh at the gathering and make dough to divide and each guest can take it home and bake the cookies as needed/wanted for fresh cookies. This year the guests were just me and the girls, oh and a new family member from Italy!

The lovely Jess has a larger kitchen, so we gathered there. She has decorated for the holidays, and of course her sense of humor is present and accounted for. Each cook was responsible for bringing the ingredients for the cookies/dough they were sharing.

We started with the Almond butter bars from the Tea Time book. Then moved on to the Old fashioned Gingersnaps from the New England cook book and finally the Oatmeal, White Chocolate and Cranberry  cookies from the Sunset Cookie Book.

I personally have never had good luck doubling a recipe. Especially a cookie recipe, for the oatmeal cookie we simply make 2 batches. The mixer bowl would not have held a double batch anyway. The gingersnaps were perfect to form into 3 slice and bake logs.

It was fun to hear about the differences in the Christmas holiday and customs in Italy compared to America.  Welcome to the family, we can always use another hand in the kitchen.

One of the refreshments offered by the Lovely Jess was Hot chocolate with homemade peppermint marshmallows, it was over the top delicious!

The cookie of choice from The Family Teacher was the Chocolate Turtle Cookies from Closet Cooking. These are easy to make in steps, a very impressive cookie.

We could of probably been a bit better organized; but not bad for the first time, after a 20 year break. It was a fun day, and I hope to do it again next year. Ladies?

As always, thanks for taking a moment to stop and say hello. 


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ya ya's mom said...

oh count me in for next year, and we can use my kitchen next!!!