Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday Cafe, updated with photos

Today's Sunday Cafe will be very ecelectic, to say the least. We will be using some of the leftovers in creative ways, and simply eating up the others.

Kentucky Hot Browns. I have wanted to try this for years, and today seems like the right time. I looked to find a recipe that was not all cream and full of fat. We will give this one a try. I even have a few leftover dinner rolls to slice and use as the bread base.

Hot Dog Dish, this definitely looks fun! Roll hot dogs in tortillas, cover with chili and then cheese, bake until bubbly. I cannot remember where I spotted this, otherwise I would give credit.Granddaughter was a great help, fun and easy to make with kids.


Cranberry relish and jelled sauce

Orange cream salad

Blue Cheese and walnut spread, served with wheat thins (This would be so good on celery)

Sliced Turkey, Stuffing and Mashed potatoes along with turkey gravy

Tossed salad (lets get a few veggies in there)

Green bean casserole

Sweet potatoes

Banana Bread, Honey's style

Leftover pie

Applesauce chocolate chip cake, this is such a keeper, the longer it sits the better it gets!

Coffee, milk, wine, and sparkling cider

As always thanks so much for taking a moment to stop and say hello.


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Pam said...

Lots of tasty food - I am so hungry now.