Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday night brights

Yes I have put his picture here before, but this is the saga of "crawl space kitty". Agate is a curious cat. He is also very much like a dog in that he will follow you where ever you go. But he is a cat and does not always realize he should not be where he finds himself to be!

This is an exposed part of the floor. It has 2 layers of vinyl flooring, the original 70's yellow pattern that was tiled over some time in the late 90's, I would imagine. But in the center of this shot is a bored out hole where Romex wire was laced down into the crawl space. A half wall was here to divide the dining room from the living room. That half wall was removed to simplify the living room space and create a flowing path that is  easy to move through. This wiring had to be moved in order to close up the floor and make plans to replace the flooring. Honey put it off as long as he could, but I finally won out!

Here is the shot of the wire worked up through the wall (where it belongs) and finished with a housing. Now the wall and the floor can be finished. Which will mean (sorry Honey) a little sheet rock work, a little painting work and a lot of reflooring work.

While all of the wire was being fished and redirected the crawl space was open. When Honey went down into the crawl space, guess who followed? Yes the cat. Later that evening when I returned home from work, Honey remarked "I don't know where the little guy is, I think he went out when the back door was open." Honey went on to say that He had been in and out of the crawl space as well as in and out of the back door for tools etc. I went to the back door and called out for Agate, he was not there. I immediately told Honey, he is in the crawl space. Sure enough we opened up the hatch and there he was, with dust and cobwebs on his whiskers! He got extra treats that night, and each night since then.

Honey loves his music, he is making a catalog of his albums on his laptop.

Finally ripe enough for that next loaf of bread in the ongoing quest for banana bread, Honey's style.

We have food stashed everywhere. The root vegetables are in the garage, the turkey is thawing, and I have 3 bags of cranberries to play with. I am going to make a raw cranberry relish this year. My Mother loved it and it will be in her memory. I want to make the cranberry cordial from this site, and the cooked cranberry sauce from this site.

As always thanks for taking a moment to stop and say hello.


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amandalouden said...

Hello! and happy Thanksgiving.

Love your cat! Too cute!