Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday night brights

I found this dry wipe board for the kitchen. We have a very busy refrigerator, but there is always room for one more fun thing on the door.

 Granddaughter loves the media carousel I made for her.  We got to try it out on Saturday, when she had a sleep over.

Pear butter (finally!). I made one small change this year, I buzzed it with my stick blender. Too smooth for me, but it tastes great.

I could not resit this fun and staged shot. Daughter in Law had a gathering on Saturday evening. Her book club came over for discussion and refreshments. I had asked for empty wine bottles, this is one that came my way. 

Yes more banana bread. When I asked Honey what he thought of the last loaf, well I'll be darned if he didn't tell me! This is just a shot of caramelizing the bananas.


Looks so good, and it is. But a little more work, is needed. I have decided to add a new label, "Honey's way". The finished banana bread recipe will be the first one with that label. 

I have been busy at work, we are officially in "survey". I am glad I got some things cooked up this weekend. I have been learning to use the new editing program I chose with blogger. I like it, there is learning curve.

As always thanks for taking a moment to stop and say hello.



ya ya's mom said...

ok, love the shot of the wine bottle, and i must say it was tasty.

also....i'm soooooooo wanting some of that banana bread...YUMMY!

and that is all....oh yeah, i have more t-shirts if you're wanting more.

noble pig said...

It all looks amazing, I want that pear butter!!

Tea Time Consultants said...

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