Sunday, November 15, 2009

Flor de Mayo Beans, prepared simply

I had been walking in the bulk section of the local market. They have a nice variety of dried beans. I buy most beans in large packages, it is easier and usually that is the best buy. It is also fun to "window shop" the bulk section, and that is when I noticed the Flor de Mayo bean canister, and proceeded to pour out about 1 pound, to take home.

Flor de Mayo is a pinkish bean, similar to a pinto. But longer and thinner. They are said to have a creamy texture. Today they are in the crockpot. I am cooking them simply, four ham hocks, a couple of celery ribs, half of an onion and a bit of tomato. I have yet to pick up a copy of Heirloom Beans , so I do not have a tried and true recipe to share. I have come to learn, that beans together with a bit of aromatic vegetables and water is all you need. From there the pleasures are just beginning.You can make refried beans, bean soup, beans with red wine vinegar and bacon, white beans with pesto, bean burritos, well I think you get the idea. Beans are great.

I prefer chopping or dicing the vegetables to be about the same size as the beans they will be cooked with.

 I started with soaked beans, celery onion, hocks and the can of tomatoes. I simply cooked for 8 hours on high in the crockpot.
Remove the ham hocks and refrigerate the beans.

The hocks will be skinned and the meat diced and refrigerated.

Tomorrow I will remove the solid fat, taste to see if salt is needed, stir in the reserved meat and dinner is done.

Since beans freeze well, dinner is done for a few meals that we will enjoy.

You know as I learn more and more of what my family likes to eat, I see beans playing a bigger role in our meal planning. We love a pot of beans along with our favorite cornbread. Some of like a bit of honey for that second piece of cornbread, but me, I like maple syrup on my cornbread.

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noble pig said...

Beans and cornbread along with all the fixins is one of my favorite meals.