Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday night brights

Guess who has put in too many hours at work and got her flu shot too late? Yes that would be me, this is a doozie of a virus. I have not had the flu in about 20 years. This goes along with my decision to change jobs, you must remain stronger than the stress you encounter each day.

October is such a happy month. My DIL and I share something very special. We each have a daughter that was an October baby. The lovely Jess was birthed on 10.10 (78) and young miss Olivia was brought into this journey on 10.12 (04).

Many thanks to Janelle for hosting the birthday dinner and all the baking, YUM!

And yes I did give that whoopee cushion to Olivia for her birthday.
Funny, funny times!
It is so fun being a grandmother!
Glass tubes of delicious vanilla beans. I don't know what yet, I don't know when yet, but I will do something delicious with them. Maybe it is time to trade out my sugar beans and make extract and start a new jar of vanilla sugar. I will keep you posted.

The wedding in Spokane was simply lovely. A traditional Mexican wedding with the father of the bride's approval ( a two year wait for the marriage) and then sponsors that were guests of honor. The food divine, and I had Tres Leches Cake, so so wonderful. But honestly the 12 hour day on Friday, the early drive to Spokane (5 hours from Vancouver for a 11:00 am ceremony) a bit of sleep and a return for Honey to go to work at noon. Too much I think for me.

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I hope you are feeling better!