Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday night brights

It was hard to go back to work today, but I cam home to a plate of chocolate chip cookies, thanks Honey!

Another (very sweet) chore completed, we are Craigslist folks and this table was a great find. Now with a newly refinished top, it is so pretty. Honey does great work, don't you think?

Here is the story about this cat, He begs! It is really hard to get a shot of him begging but you can tell from this shot that He is up on his back legs and his front paws are touching in a "beg" posture. He is the cutest cat when He does this.

Here are some shots from our Seaside getaway, Olivia written in the sand, by Olivia.

Walking on the beach the first day there. She still had her school clothes on, she was too excited to change.

Olivia and me feeding the seagulls, this was the second time on the beach to feed. We used up 3 1/2 loaves of bread. The seagulls were fun, some of them very gifted at catching bread thrown up high in the sky. Next time I am sure we need to take 5 loaves of bread!

There was a stranded seal on the beach. It had been there for several days and the area was posted by the Marine board. Apparently they need to get out of the water when they are ill. It was making it's way back to the water, and in about 5 days had move from where high tide dropped him, back to the waters edge. I did not get a photo, my camera was back in the travel bag at the beach cabin.

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That cat is soooo adorable.