Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Just a little of this, and a little of that

What a week, and it is only Wednesday evening. It has been a long time coming!

Today I returned to work after being home for 2 days with this virus. Now it is possible it is the "swine" flu, but no one will say. And it is possible it is regular (if there is such a thing) flu, again no one will say. Do you know why? Because the symptoms are all the same. Although I no longer have Kaiser as my medical insurance provider, I still get the health updates. I got a very interesting newsletter regarding flu strains, the symptoms and when it is OK to go back to work*. The H1N1 strain sounds scary but only because it is new. In the same way that every last year's flu was new when it first arrived, made contact or invaded. In times as urgent as having the flu can be, soon the new flu does became the old flu.

And now Honey has it. The headaches and body aches are pretty stiff, I was surprised.

When I got to work, I was not sure I would be able to make it for the full day. I even started early so that I could get as much done as possible before I had to leave due to fatigue or possible additional symptoms. But I am a tough old bird because I worked 6:15 am to 5:00 pm. People that arrived after me, left before me. Got a lot done, and tomorrow there is more.

That clear envelope contains 2 sets of my fingerprints. They will be needed for a training seminar I will attend. I will be in a class in Tualatin to be the designated alternate to obtain and process a background check for all new hires that come to work at the SNF, where I currently work. I got those extra sets when I first was hired on 09.15.08. The plan was for me to take the training at that point. But the building is so busy, that push come to shove, and I am now getting it done. Over a year later. I don't know.......maybe it is a little late? But the day will have a fun side. I have a friend that works in Tualatin. She is the administrator of an Assisted Living Facility, I will stop and see her building after the training.

OK, yes that is a check made payable to me and yes it is from the district court of Multnomah County. You see it goes like this.

There are red light camera tickets in Portland. I leave Portland every evening and I use to take a certain route, but all that changed when I got a red light ticket mailed to me here in my home state of Washington. And I knew when I got the ticket I was guilty. Guilty by OMG, the traffic moved and my little red car was in the middle of the intersection and the light turned red. Innocently, I was guilty.

I can think of better times to shell out $242.00 and I can think of items of desire that I would rather spend it on. But I remember the moment and I remember thinking how lucky I was that I did not hurt anyone or have anyone hurt me. So the $242.00 was cheap compared to pain and suffering. But still, $242.00. I did the right thing, I wrote a check to the court, but I did plead "no contest". Because in many ways I was not guilty. I think the amount I got back is probably the court costs, $36.00.
I would not head west bound on Stark St towards I205, I'm just sayin!

Oh and now *

According to the CDC, you can go back back to work 24 hours after your fever breaks. (Unless your other symptoms worsen - but that part is just the old bird talking.)

As always, thanks for taking the time to stop and say hello.


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amandalouden said...

Ouch, hope you feel better soon. The flu is going around and I hope to avoid it at all possible.

Nice positive spin on your ticket!