Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday in Portland

I will be picking up our DIL and granddaughter in about an hour, then we drive across the river to Portland, and catch a ride on MAX to the waterfront.

It is time to walk in the Komen event.

Granddaughter is a first timer for this event, she will be completely over whelmed with the day and go to sleep early this evening! After catching a meal at the Saturday Market, we will take MAX back to the car and come home.

I have figs in the refrigerator and oranges crushed with sugar waiting to be boiled up to a wonderful marmalade.

I also have mustard seed and Maker's Mark whiskey getting cozy in a covered container. I have decided to take a stroll through mustard making. Yesterday the lovely Jess and I went to Penzy's and I got more mustard seed.

Time now to get the last of the coffee in me, get my pack together and get going. I will see you back here in a few hours, with some marmalade to share.


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Lo said...

Sounds like a great day -- for a great cause! Have a wonderful time... I'm waiting for a snitch of that marmalade (orange/fig -- so delish!)