Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday night brights

See that grin?! That means He is thinking up a whopper of a story. It all had to do with the large limb that fell into the yard on Saturday evening. I heard a loud noise, and when I opened the slider I found this very long and long time dead limb that had fallen from one of the 100 foot fir trees in the backyard.

Honey has already cut about 8 - 9 feet off the end, and it still is the same diameter. There is another 12 to 15 feet hanging off the saw horse still needing to be cut up.

The limb had been dead a long time and simply hanging in the tree. We have been keeping an eye on it. Apparently it was the right moment to fall or be blown out of the tree. Clearly we do not have ladders tall enough to take care of the deadwood in the trees. So far we have been real lucky, no one has been in the way when a limb has fallen. I thought this was as least 5 inches, in diameter.
This was the first photo, and I had remarked that it was hard to capture the full size in a photo shot. That is when Honey began the tale of the huge one that did not get away!

At the market were these lovely peaches. I hear jam calling. I need to make a decision on the recipe, something zingy for sure.

Roasted pepper photo number 1.
This shot taken in the beginning, not all the turning has been completed.

Roasted pepper shot number 2.
This shot was taken at the end of the roasting.

When these were sat side by side, there was no difference. Pan or burner or even gas grill.

But here is the reason I did this. I love roasted peppers and have always thought I had to roast them on the grill. Grill roasting is great if you have a bunch and roast up the whole lot and put them in the freezer. But how about the times when you have one lonely pepper in the fridge and you don't plan on using it fresh, and turning on the gas grill for one pepper just does not seem like the thing to do?

Here is what I did, I decided that for the most part, heat is heat. I then roasted one on a small grill pan that I have and one directly on the burner, there was no difference.


My days of losing a pepper to rot are over. Throw it on the burner and get it roasted already!

Oh and I did one other thing, I roasted a green bell pepper. I wanted to try roasting a green pepper and freezing it for use later. I have frozen diced green peppers before, and although it was better than none, I did not think they kept that well in the freezer. I am hoping this works better.

As always, thanks for taking the time to stop and say hello.


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noble pig said...

So scary about the tree falling, I've seen it happen before.