Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday night brights

Homemade Mustard, the next adventure.

We keep an older used paint brush out in the garden area. It is great to have available to whisk off the outdoor chairs, before sitting down.

Sunday's participation shirt.

This one I bought, I was not a Chevron team member. I love the sassy look on this little pink car!

The little strawberry bed, has over grown it's boundaries. Obliviously the boundaries need to be enlarged. Next year I should have enough strawberries for our own fruit for jam.

Honey moved the big pots of herbs up to the concrete outside the slider. I think the house cat approves.

I am still trying to use a menu system. Not going well, but I will keep working at it. This week we will be eating from the freezer. Then on Wednesday Honey will cook dinner, He likes to make a meal on one of his days off. After last week however, I am grateful for the freezer being full.

As always, thanks for taking a moment to stop by and say hello.


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noble pig said...

I need a brush like that outside.