Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday night brights

I made the comment to Honey a few days ago, "I think the kitchen hutch would look good with red pulls" when I got home form work, guess what He had done? Thanks Honey.

We are having a difficult time eating dinner together, so I finally nagged enough that I got a copy of his work schedule. Sure enough we only see each other for dinner about twice a week.

Some of the weekend backyard cleanup, Honey picked it up with with the mower and is now in the compost can, hopefully becoming compost.

This is compost, It will be layered over the rhubarb and then some natural fertilizer over that for the winter. This was my first try at composting. It took about a year, I used a black garbage can that had the bottom cut off. It simply sat on the ground, there was not much circulation.

We are going to do things a bit different this time and see if we don't get the job done in less time.
Honey made this frame, with a wire sifter. The black can will now sit up off the ground. There should be some circulation, and we can always add a bit of moisture from the top if needed.

As the vegetation is composting down, it should fall through the wire grid. The deck blocks are spaced so that a flat shovel can scoop out the finished compost. As the composting action happens and the volume is reduced, we can keep adding to the top of the can.

Rosemary from the herb garden, hanging up to dry in the kitchen. It sure smells good.

As always, thanks for taking a moment to stop by.



noble pig said...

The red pulls look darling!

Lo said...

Composting is such an adventure! (and there's nothing like black gold for fertilizing vegetables!) We bought premade bins a few years ago and have been using them with great success. I think you'll find your new compost bin works really well!

Melynda said...

Noble pig, Yes the red pulls add a festive touch. I like them. But then I have already professed my love of red.

Lo, good to know about the compost bin set up that Honey made, thanks for the input. I can't wait to get the worm farm.