Sunday, September 13, 2009

It is a very quiet Sunday

The weather is changing here in Vancouver, and it shows in the garden.

The raspberries are dieing back and the ever bearing Stawberries are about done. I did see another Strawberry bloom this morning, but in another week or two, we will probably have a very chilly night, and that will be the final ending.

The berries are sending out runners! I have been pulling the new raspberry canes that have shot up out side of the marked off area, otherwise the backyard would simply be a bramble. And since I am totally unprepared to plant the additional Strawberry plants, I am pulling those runners as well.

The squash plant imploded, I pull that out last night. I have already have a large pile of debris for the recycle can, and there is more (so much more) to do.

The rhubarb is struggling. I am perplexed by this, most folks can grow it by neglect! My plan is to lay down a lot of mulch and natural fertilizer this fall and hope for better next year.

I do have herbs to gather and process. Garlic chives to slice and freeze. Rosemary to hang up to dry. The mint will come in and simply be beautiful, right now it has lovely purple flowers. Then I thought, maybe some mint jelly.

I picked up some beautiful fresh figs at Costco yesterday. Today I will get a couple of organic oranges and one lemon. I want to make some fig and citrus marmalade. I will get the citrus cut and mixed with sugar on Monday and make the marmalade on Tuesday when Honey works the night shift.

I also want to get a bottle of dark beer. I am going to try to make some homemade mustard with dark beer, a touch of honey and thyme. The mustard seeds will need to soak a couple of days, then I can make the mustard and let it rest until Christmas.

Dinner to cook, laundry and then get the mind ready to return to work on Monday. I wish weekends lasted longer!

As always thanks for taking a moment to stop and say hello.



noble pig said...

I had a yard once that the raspberries took over. It sure can happen quick. Enjoy what's left of the weekend.

Melynda said...
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